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Site Update (update?)

Since the previous post, new host Lindsey has been in touch and it’s clearly been an unintentional block. Having talked, we’re now hoping things will continue as normal - with the benefit of a new person helping out. Sorry for any confusion and thanks again for supporting the site.

Get ready for a hot new jkrasweb :)

Important Announcement!!!!!

You may have noticed certain updates to the site over the past few days. I wanted to explain more about that and my lack of involvement in this change. 
The site was started by Janie initially, who has always been in charge of web design stuff and whatnot. I later got involved and took control of the gallery and keeping things updated. More recently that’s become harder due to viruses, stopping me from being able to update or even log in. This is why there have been no new pictures since July. Dealing with these kinds of issues was never my domain, always Janie’s - whose involvement has diminished and obviously was unable to make time to deal with the site. Fair enough. But then the new update came along. 
I’d been hoping for a site makeover for a long time, so this was no problem. However, with the makeover came the news that the site had been entirely handed over to a new person and I was blocked from any further behind-the-scenes involvement. Having contributed a lot over the years, as well as working on the Twitter and Tumblr, I felt incredibly disappointed and frustrated. There was no word of warning, no apology and no olive branch. All of the pictures I acquired for the site - which all involved different amounts of time, energy and, sometimes, money - are now a part of this site from which I have been cut off. 
I wanted to make you all aware of the situation and that the site will now be out of my control, with any contributions from me prevented. Thank you to everyone who visited the site and supported it during its run up until now. I’ll still be fangirling over John, but sadly not from behind the scenes of jkrasweb.


Happy 34th birthday John Krasinski [October 20th, 1979]


John Krasinski exits his local gum in West Hollywood. 18th September 2013

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