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My new Jim + Pam tribute, of the early seasons, to Ryan Adams’ Wonderwall. Enjoy. I recommend 720p viewing.

Classic interviews: In which John gets his English accent out to impress Clooney.

Classic interviews: In which John and BJ adopt Rainn

Classic Office: “Who’s long Tim?”

Classic interviews: In which John sings the Cheers theme song

Wonder Walls junior reporter chats with Drew Barrymore, John Krasinski and more from the cast from Big Miracle.


John chats about love with co-star Drew Barrymore

John Krasinski talking about his first date with Emily Blunt, how he got ‘burned by Meryl Streep’… and the marionette’s back! (Conan O’Brien, 2nd Feb 2012)

John Krasinski, on meeting Barack Obama with Emily Blunt. (Conan O’Brien, 2nd Feb 2012)